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I've worn many hats in my career. I have front-line experience in Organic Search and I have a particular interest in technical search, behavioural / keyword research and content marketing.

I founded Builtvisible.com where I developed many of the front-line services and products you'd expect to see in a high-performance digital agency.

I've built small companies as a hobby and advised SME agency businesses during their early-stage growth period as a Non-Executive Director.

I have first-hand experience working on technical search and content development in Travel, Recruitment, eSports, Motorsport, Tech Manufacturing, web3 and eCommerce.

My favourite thing is Solving Problems and Creating Processes. Coming up with solutions, especially in a friendly, collaborative team environment is a great deal of fun. When there's a commercial reason to streamline and improve processes by applying technology (and latterly, AI), the lightbulb starts flashing.

Working with Senior leadership to Validate Thinking, be it spending time playing with ideas, exploring decisions or validating agency supplier performance.

With my background, Producing Ideas for Organic Growth is an important discipline to me that seems to run 24/7 and cuts to the core of what I am.

I'd love to help - get in touch and let's talk.

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